Professional Film Developing & Scanning Services

Film refers to a strip of the transparent plastic film base. One side of the strip is coated with a gelatin emulsion that contains silver halide crystals, sensitive to light. When the gelatin emulsion is exposed to light from the camera lens, it results to a slight chemical change. The change is proportional to the amount of light absorbed by the crystals. As a result, an invisible latent image is formed in the emulsion. The image can further be developed into a visible photograph by use of chemicals. It is good to note that, all films will be sensitive to ultraviolet, and X-ray lights as well as the high energy particles.

It is real film is on the comeback. Why? It’s now indisputable; the film is the only way of capturing distinctive images that express one’s mind. Now that the industry is stabilizing do you know which films to venture into in your photography? Photography needs a quality roll of film. Our company is going to provide your quality affordable choices.

Black and white negative film

Are you new in the field? Shooting black and white is a good starting point. Shooting in our black and white film is forgiving. For instance, if you miss your exposure, you can pull shadows or highlight. Also our black and white are more comfortable to develop back at home since it affords you more control over the look of the photos. And even if you shoot a lot, it will save you money.

Colour negative film

You prefer color than black and white images? Or you want both? We have got a new film for you. It has different upgrades and updates than others. Its speeds are ISO 400 and 800. It’s good for portraits due to its natural skin tones, realistic saturation of color, excellent sharpness, and fine grain. Its T-Grain low contrast and emulsion make it an ideal choice for scanning.

Colour transparency film

Our Colour transparency film produces positive images and also have several features compared to negative film. In this film, you get your film back with a positive image which is not shrouded by a color mask. Its slides are suitable for scanning and also have vibrant, punchy colors that are appealing to any landscape.

Photography Film

There is a passionate crowd out there who still insists that film photography is still popular. This is true. There is just something that compels about the depth of analog images. Besides, there is also the natural feeling of shooting film which is hard to imitate when one knows that he can use his memory card to store hundreds of RAW files. The camera store in Calgary offers a broad range of films and provides exceptional service to photographers. From the testimonials below, one can rest assured that film photography rocks.