What Is HDR

HDR means high dynamic range, that’s ability of your camera to process photos differently than the usual way by capturing depth details be it in darkness or brightness. High-dynamic-range is a technique that is used in photography to reproduce luminosity better than when using common photography techniques. It aims at producing a range of luminance is similar to the one produced by the human visual system. It is one of the reasons why photography is changing in a great way.

HDR works by configuring a camera to take three pictures simultaneously at different rates of exposure. These can then be merged together using imaging software, or instead, let modern digital camera/smartphones do this all for you. The result (generally speaking) is a more ‘realistic’ image akin to what you would expect to see from your own eye. It is commonly used especially for landscapes and similar portraiture. HDR can also handle different light tones better than a standard photo.

Our films are compatible with any camera provided they are fixed well. Make sure your camera is in the right position for good images.