What Is Exposure Ramping

Exposure ramping also referred as bulb ramping is a modification of exposure settings in a camera to maintain desired exposure content while the camera is in bulb mode. The process improves the quality of time-lapse footage through smooth transition and minimization of flickers. Also, it saves time during the post-production process. With an excellent conditioned camera our films can serve this purpose ideally.

Exposure rampage is the way by which shutter speed is changed as the time-lapse changes. It is useful where there are gradual changes in light levels, an example of sunset and sunrise. For the best results, you need to try a little of trial and error experiments with the camera set-up. This will help you achieve the camera position at which the best caption will be made.

Heading back to time-lapse photography, this technique is widely considered to offer the best version of this style of image capture. Most people will find that time-lapse photography requires manual adjustment of your ISO or apeture setup over the course of filming. The problem with this, of course, is that it is not just inconvenient but also 9/10 times will result in even the faintest ‘camera shake’.

Exposure ramping can solve this but requires the use of an intervalometer alongside a typical tripod setup. When properly configured these deliver perfect time-lapse imaging – which is one of our core expertise. We’re happy to help instruct anyone on how to use these devices effectively!