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Whisper it quietly but you may have heard rumors that high-grade photography film has been making a resurgence in recent years? While sales are still a fraction of the billion rolls consumed as recently as 2003, an ever-growing number of serious photographers are turning back to film.

Professional Photographers

Our goal is to ensure that professional photographers can easily source the best quality film available. Until recently that was by no means as straightforward as it may sound.

Many of the big name manufacturers have either folded completely discontinued lines or hugely reduced their output.


One example of this would be the recent announcement by Kodak Aliris(the reincarnation of Kodak) that they were bringing back Ektachrome color reversal film.


This is big news as this former photographer's favorite had been discontinued entirely in 2012. leading to it either being entirely unavailable or found only at outrageous prices on online auction sites.


The classic film industry is growing steadily at around 5% globally a year as both hobbyist and professional photography enthusiasts head back to film.


There is no sign that this is going to slow anytime soon meaning we are also seeing the likes of Ilford Photo black-and-white film emerging once more.

We Serve Our Clients...

We serve our clients by not just stocking all the film anyone could ever wish for, but also by providing advice on which options would suit particular projects. Certain events require a particular sense of style, and a good photographer - and their clients - will most sincerely appreciate the difference! As may be expected, we field questions from our customers every day.

Digital Imaging Techniques

Of course, plenty refer to digital imaging techniques as well. This style of photography remains by far the most dominant method - after all, pretty much everyone carries a camera around with them every day. Plenty of the most common questions we are asked to refer to these methods which may seem straightforward to those 'in the know' but can dupe beginners.


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