Moving Party Tin Types

A few weeks ago we decided to throw a party to show our appreciation to our customers and to show off our new location. For those for you that didn’t come it was pretty awesome. Good food, good people, film piñata (yes, that means a piñata filled with film), and tin types.

For the unfamiliar, tin types are a photographic process from around the time of the civil war. It involves coating a blackened piece of metal with collodion, a mixture of ether and gun cotton, and sensitizing that collodion with silver nitrate. That is what is used to capture the image. Tin types are a one-of-a-kind image. It cannot be physically replicated, like with printing. It’s a beautiful process when done well, and it has a very distinct look.

Here are most of the shots from that night. If any of these are yours, feel free to come by and pick them up.