Compiling Time Lapse

Compiling time lapse is a technique in photography in which frequency of capturing films is lower than the viewing sequence. In normal speed, time appears moving faster, hence, lapsing. The rolling and recording of our films is exceptionally flexible to any compilation. They bring out what you want at any angle and position.

So you have collected thousands of images – now comes the tricky bit. Actually, selecting the appropriate frame rate to compile into your finished piece can be awkward. You’ll need some special software for this – but conveniently, there’s plenty available free online. We have our own favorites, but take time to have a look around as some may be more appropriate to your tastes.

Don’t always assume that a certain resolution is always the best. Most of the time, 1080p at 24 fps will be effective but sometimes a slower frame rate will be more effective for your project. Getting it right takes experimentation, but hey that’s part of the fun too.

To compile your time-lapse, there is a lot of different software available that can be used. This includes the Go Pro; Image ready CS, VirtualDub, and Adobe community among other studio apps. Depending on the selected software, a different procedure in the compilation happens. However, the methods do not defer from each other in a big way.