Our Client Testimonials

As a Calgary roofing company, taking photos of our work is an integral part of our business development. Since we started using Alpine Film we’ve noticed a difference in the number of leads we’ve been getting. No other film captures our work like Alpine does.

Sandy – EPIC Roofing.


I used your photography film in a wedding photo shoot, and the results were amazing. I loved the whole experience.

Edwin Jackson


I went for a photo session during one of my weekends, and the photographer was using a photographic film. The results were good, and each picture was amazing.

Jane Gibson


I always use your films in my photography works, and the results are amazing.

Jack Duncan


I am a professional wedding photographer and using your films in my work is what makes it truly the best.

Andrew Stark


Photography is a sweet job, but with the use of Alpine Films, it is the best field to work in.



I cannot stop looking at last year’s Christmas photos, they turned out amazing when printed on Alpine Film.



For the last three years in my career I have used photography films in my work, and the results have been great, but since I started using Alpine Films, they have become amazing.

Peter Howe


For the few times I have used Alpine Films in my photography works, I’ve had a high quality, consistently good  final product.



Hey guys, may remember me from our long conversations getting my camera set-up right… Just wanted to say a big thank you for your patience. It has improved my skills and system so much. Thanks again!

John Rhodes


Cheers guys – my coursework for an amateur photography course I’ve been struggling with came out just right thanks to a few simple adjustments.

Alan Matthews.


You guys saved me a fortune in helping with sourcing the best films. Seriously, you helped me not get massively ripped off! So glad I found this fantastic resource.

Jessica Wallis


Wow – you really know your stuff don’t you? Can’t wait for more updates here

Herb Green


Just thanks from the other side of the pond. This site really helped me get my colour adjustment bang on perfect for landscape and nature projects. So easy to follow as well.

Jamie McLoud


You can tell your team thanks from me. I’d been looking for some advice setting up a wedding/events photography sideline but hadn’t a clue where to start. First booking just confirmed!

Mary White


Who would have known that exposure rates could be so interesting! I’d been looking for an upgrade to both my digital and ‘classic’ camera lenses for a while so cheers for the advice.

Bryan Clarke


Keep on growing guys, best of luck with your expansion and hope you still provide such quality personal advice. Really impressed and already recommended you a few time over.



Cracking site with clear expertise and such a tailored, no pressure style. Real pros, thanks for saving me a small fortune on replacing that broken lens.

Phillip LeFort