So Many Winners!

Before we even started the lab we were running giveaways. We needed your help to get the lab started so we offered the chance to win a free pack of film to anyone willing to answer a few questions about what they wanted from a lab. Well, we are finally announcing that winner. Our luck winner is Heath Bennet from Jac & Heath Photography. Check out their work, it is definitely worth your time.


Then we decided to run another giveaway in December and January to anyone who placed an order right after our launch. We were surprised at the response and are beyond grateful to everyone who put your trust in us to work on your beautiful images. The winner for that contest is Kristen Clayville of Kristen Clayville Photography. Check her out.


And then we got contacted by Stacey Petersen at Light Inspired Forum. They were doing a weekly contest and this week’s theme was film and we decided to contribute some coupons and free film to the winners. The winners can be seen on the Light Inspired Blog.


Lots of great photographer getting lots of free stuff. We plan to be doing a lot of giveaways, contests, etc. So keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay in the loop.